The first recorded mention of Low Moor Holy Trinity Cricket Club was in the Bradford Observer, dated 18 June 1894, when the team were all out for 32 and lost by 7 wickets. An old minute book from those early years makes interesting reading and indicates that some of the early problems were similar to some of those of today. Meetings were held in the ‘tent’ almost every week and one of the points raised was that ground improvements were going slowly because of the lack of support from some of the players, while team selection was questioned as to whether the best players should always be picked ahead of those who do the most work.

Membership in the early 1920s was confined to those who attended church regularly and the Club President was the vicar who was apparently quite a formidable character. Money raising was just as important then as it is today and a dance was held in one of the local Sunday Schools, knowing full well that the vicar did not approve of this ‘flaunting of bodily contact’. In his sermon the following Sunday he lambasted the Club from the Church pulpit for this terrible sin and stood down as President. It was some years before things got back to normal.

In those early Sunday School League days nobody had a car and most people worked on a Saturday morning so the matches didn’t start until three o’clock and finished not later than ten past seven. Not a lot of cricket. Over the years, there were spells when we weren’t doing too well and others when we won a few trophies, most famously a cup win at Bradford Park Avenue in 1975 when the winning run was scored off the last ball of the match with the last pair at the wicket.

Over many years we had three different grounds and our present one was under threat from developers who were wanting to build a housing scheme there. We managed to put them off for a few years, but without any legal rights to the land we realised that we would soon have to move. Eventually we were given an area of land towards the golf course which had to be levelled and turfed, and a wicket laid. Our first match on the new field was in April 1989 and after many months of fundraising, we were able to build our new pavilion which was opened by the Club’s Senior Vice President, Mr Frank Tetley, on 8 July 1990.

The Club played the majority of its cricket in the Bradford Central League until, after seeing teams leave year on year, the Club called for a review of our current position in 2005. We considered the Bradford League and the Halifax League as viable options based on geography and travel requirements. In 2006, the Club gave formal notice to the Bradford Central League of its intention to switch to the Halifax Cricket League.

Following ground inspections, presentations and evidence of the Club’s viability and sustainability, we were accepted into the Halifax League in 2007 and have been made very welcome by the League Executive.

In our first season in the Halifax League, we won promotion from Division 2. Over the 10 years we have been members of the Halifax League, we have seen our fortunes ebb and flow from missing out on promotion to the Premier Division by one point in 2011, to relegation, then promotion, then relegation again!

The Club’s journey into the Halifax League’s history books was almost crowned in August 2012 when they reached the final of the Parish Cup, beating 2 premier division sides along the way. Unfortunately, in a rain affected game which meant some players could not make the following day, the team were narrowly beaten by SBCI in the rain affected showpiece final.

The Club is undergoing a renaissance in the local area. The Club is increasing its ECB qualified coaching provision, making access to local cricket more achievable for the local children. The senior sides are strengthening and the Club’s Development Plan targets 4 new junior sides, at 4 different age groups, over the next 6 seasons – a quest that will ensure the survival of cricket in this proud and inclusive village.

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